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Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Saddles

This article will give you valuable tips for choosing the right mountain bike saddles, but you can also rely on our ranking of the five best saddle models.

You left in a good mood for an outing with your mountain bike. But the more the minutes pass, the more your buttocks hurt. You try to put yourself in a dancer’s position to limit the damage, but as soon as you sit down, the discomfort is again present.

It is an observation that many people who practice mountain biking have made. With this misadventure, you started looking for a new saddle for your bike, but you are lost in front of the many existing models. Here are the top 5 best Mountain Bike Saddle models.

SMP Trk Medium

The SMP Trk Medium saddle is a model designed entirely by hand from Italy. If you are looking for quality, it will be there because the saddle results from 15 years of advanced studies in posture and aerodynamics.

SMP Trk Medium Feature Summary

Here are some of the key features of SMP Trk :

What We Think Of SMP Trk Medium

It is a top-of-the-range saddle for intensive use that perfectly suits any morphology. Its beak shape is particularly characteristic and designed by sharp designers to obtain a flat base.

When you have to face steep descents or, on the contrary, long climbs, you have absolute control of your mountain bike and a feeling of comfort at all times.

In addition, the length of frames and the bars allow for perfect adjustment based on each person’s position. In addition, installation is particularly simple with any upright frame.

Regarding the padding, it includes soft polyurethane and a specific gel. The covering is in SMP Vacum Tech, and the frame is in AISI 304 stainless steel.

If your last mountain bike ride ended in pain in your posterior, this would not be the case with the SMP Trk Medium saddle.

Video and Photos Demonstration of The SMP Trk Medium

SDG Bel-Air RL

Here is another quality saddle that we have included in our ranking. And for a good reason, the SDG Bel-Air RL model is remarkably efficient when you want to practice mountain biking on the road, in XC, Downhill, or All Mountain.

SDG Bel-Air RL Feature Summary

Here are some of the key features of SDG Bel-Air RL:

What We Think Of SDG Bel-Air RL

It is a particularly functional saddle that will guarantee comfort in any circumstance, especially when the road starts to get steep. Everything has been thought out thanks to the front and rear inserts, so longevity is guaranteed.

Particularly pleasant are the CroMo rails and the microfiber cover with Kevlar reinforcement. In addition, the SDG Bel-Air RL saddle has excellent value for money, so it is a choice to consider from the start seriously.

In addition, the model weighs only 324 g, which is particularly light compared to direct competitors. It is suitable for male and female use, which explains its versatility.

Video and Photos Demonstration of The SDG Bel-Air RL

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Fabric Scoop

How about stepping up a gear with your mountain bike? Know that the Fabric Scoop saddle perfectly matches this optic. Once you have fitted it to your mountain bike, your performance will be unmatched, and you will enjoy remarkable comfort.

Fabric Scoop Feature Summary

Here are some of the key features of Fabric Scoop:

What We Think of Fabric Scoop

The adaptation is simple and flexible enough to say goodbye to unpleasant pain. Another particularity of the saddle, it is available with three different profiles. Therefore, you must choose the profiling that best suits your riding style and consider your morphology.

The design is particularly revolutionary without compromising resistance, lightness, and the feeling of comfort.

It is a high-end saddle with carbon materials for the base as well as for the rails. Thanks to this, it is no surprise that the saddle weighs only 182 g.

The cover is made of microfiber and will be completed by a Shallow profile. Nevertheless, its use remains exclusively reserved for men, so for a women’s model, it is better to move towards another choice.

Video and Photos Demonstration of The Fabric Scoop

WTB Volt

The WTB Volt saddle is a compendium of new technologies. It is, therefore, not for nothing that it is a particularly popular model among mountain bikers. It has a medium thickness as well as a superior quality padding.

WTB Volt Feature Summary

Here are some of the key features of WTB Volt:

What We Think of WTB Volt

As you can see, the WTB Volt saddle has some particularly subtle curves. It will not disappoint you in time with intact quality. In addition, it will accompany you in the sensations of comfort and is designed for speed.

But what explains its immense success is its incredible versatility with an upward curved tail and a slight descent observable at the level of the beak to promote pedaling.

It uses Flex Tuned Shell technology. It’s a subtle alliance to make efficiency and flexibility possible—sort of between soft shell and carbon composite.

The gel and HLX padding is a real success, as is the Comfort Zone technology that equips the saddle. It’s a way to relieve pressure on sensitive areas while guaranteeing remarkable comfort over the long term.

The WTB Volt saddle will be a companion of choice, and you will have a hard time getting rid of it.

Video and Photos Demonstration of The WTB Volt

Ergon SM Enduro

This saddle is made for anyone looking for thrills. However, this does not mean that pleasure should come at the expense of comfort. With this in mind, the Ergon SM Enduro saddle was designed.

Ergon SM Enduro Feature Summary

Here are some of the key features of Ergon SM Enduro:

What We Think of The Ergon SM Enduro

It is the brainchild of world-class professionals in the field of Enduro mountain biking.

Even when you’re at full speed, you have complete control. The saddle is intended to be short and narrow to feel remarkable freedom. You will not feel too much pressure, thanks to the presence of a relief channel.

So if you are looking for a saddle that gives you seating comfort on any trail, you now know which model to choose.

Among these technical specificities, you will admire its stealthy color and nylon composite shell with a CroMo rail. As for the cover, it is made of microfiber with orthopedic comfort foam padding.

It is the last one we wanted to present to you in our ranking because it fully deserves it for the many advantages mentioned.

Videos and Photos Demonstration of The Ergon SM Enduro

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