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The SandMan, Season 1,Episode 1 Overview

Overview of The SandMan

The Sandman is a show that follows the life of Morpheus, better known as the Sandman. He controls all of our dreams but also all of our nightmares. He handles both to make sure they don’t envelop us. In this particular case, he’s dealing with a nightmare named Corinthian. It’s 1916 england. Not too far away, there’s a guy named Roderick burgess who’s a wannabe sorcerer. He’s pretty rich, his older son passed away in the war, and his younger son was his pride and joy. Morpheus is locked in a binding circle and can’t move for the duration of the show. Corinthian visits Roderick burgess in the basement and tells him to build a physical barrier around him so that if a dream ever gets out, he won’t be able to get out.

He also tells burgess that taking away dreams from his realm it’s affecting the natural world and causing people to die. Alex’s father has been trying for ten years to get rid of the bird that’s pecking at the glass, trying to free Dream, so jessamine comes up with a new plan. Ethel leaves the house in the middle of the night because she’s pregnant, and Roderick doesn’t want her to keep it. He sends his men after her, but he knows it might be a fool’s errand, so he goes into the basement and asks for help.

What happened in 1st episode?

The first episode of the new series, The King of Dreams, follows a man as he journeys to the waking world to chase down a nightmare that has gone rogue. Throughout the episode, Morpheus narrates to the audience while Roderick builds a cage to keep him in check as long as no one sleeps around him. This shift dramatically affects the world without the characters realizing it. The Raven, a mixture between CGI and a real bird, is an excellent performer in this film. Alex’s character is much weaker and softer than his father’s, and we can guess he will be why Morpheus escapes. Roderick and Alex’s antagonism and resentment eventually lead to a fight, and Alex knocks his father through the glass cage, where he dies. Dies in front of Alex and Dream.

The SandMan
The sand man

The series’ first episode is named “Sleep of the Just.” Netflix’s anticipated new show, The Sandman. Dr John Hathaway (Bill Paterson) travelled to Wych Cross in 1916 for a fatal meeting with occultist Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance). There are a few minor changes, but overall if you enjoyed the doomy gothic mood of Gaiman’s comic, it’s hard to imagine you not enjoying this episode. In many respects, Alex is the major character in this episode, and Kynaston excels in the part. – bringing out both Alex’s capacity for empathy and ultimately the inertia and cowardice that will be his undoing. We don’t see much of the Dreaming itself – more on that in the next episode – but “Sleep of the Just” does a good job of portraying it. Setting up the show’s world(s).

The SandMan
The sand man

Burgess’ desire to bring Randall back to life seems sincere and driven by grief as much as the lust for power. His unintentional demise at the hands of Alex is also novel; earlier, he died of what appeared to be a heart attack. We also see his six-year-old self played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, with Simon Bundock as his double, and then an older Benedick Blythe as Alex at 70.


Some of the greenscreen work is a little distracting, especially that in Dream’s Kingdom right at the very start. The story is mainly faithful to that first volume, with the security guard dreaming about Majorca. The music is another understated quality here, sounding similar to the orchestral score from 2002’s The Time Machine.


Alex plays no less than four people. Aside from Laurie Kynaston, we also see his six-year-old character, played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, with Simon Pondock as his idol. In the 1926 sequence, we see two advertisements for Kincaid Sugar in the newspaper Alex is reading and the advertisement on fire by Jessamy. The actual title that day was LITTLE MIX LEIGH-ANNE ROBBED. However, The sandman has a 7.8/10 rating from IMDB and 86% from Rotten Tomatoes.

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