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The Sandman episode 2(Imperfect Hosts) What Happened?

Overview of tv series

It shows in The Sandman episode 2, aired by Netflix that aired immediately before this one that The Sandman, also known as Morpheus, had kept imprisoned for a hundred years. This episode is now airing in this episode, providing the audience with this new piece of information.

As soon as he recognized that he was no longer being held captive, he made his way back to the Dreamworld as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately, he arrived there to find it destroyed while absent.

When brought into custody, all three talismanic objects he had with him at the time of his arrest were removed from him and stored in a secure location. It occurred while he was detained in incarceration. These supplies consisted of several different things, including a bag of sand, a diamond, and a helmet, among other things.

He must have all three objects in his possession to bring his kingdom back to life. After we’ve established that, the next question is how exactly we will do it.

What happened in 2nd episode?

In episode two, Lucian starts explaining how things started deteriorating shortly after he vanished. She tried to keep a record of everything but the next thing she knew, the entire library had disappeared, and she hadn’t been able to find it. Dreams try to rebuild everything using his powers. He tries to reconstruct it by using his talents, but since he is without his three instruments, he cannot call the fates. Three ladies can talk in riddles, and they are attempting to assist him in locating his tools so that he may call for those things he needs. There is such a thing as Gregory, and it is the pet of Kane and Abel, the brothers who rule the dream-realm. When they reencounter him after a century, they are startled to realize that he has not changed.

The sandman episode Imperfect
The sandman episode (Imperfect Hosts)

In The Sandman episode 2, Lucian comes to after his brother has committed the most recent murder and notices an egg that seems to have been there for a considerable amount of time. After that, he calls the three ladies to him, and they thank him for the gifts he has given them, but they inform him that the only thing he may ask them is three questions, which is all they will answer for him.

The first inquiry concerns the sand-filled leather bag that, according to what they have told him, was most recently offered for sale in London and acquired by a person who practices magic. Ethel Crips are doing rather well for herself in Buffalo, as seen by the fact that she presents an impressive appearance to her ragers. She is also using an alias, which has made it extremely difficult for Rcorinthian to find her. When she left Roderick, she gave up the sand and the helm to start a new life in the United States, but now it seems like it may catch up to them. Ethel causes Corinthian to dissolve when she removes the ruby, which results in Corinthian returning to the dream world where Lucian was waiting for him. After Lucian explains that dreams and nightmares do not belong in the waking world, Corinthian feels that he fits in and does not stand out.

Difference between comic and tv series

While some episodes of “Game of Thrones” do not provide any light on the details of the narrative that were previously only alluded to in the comics, specific episodes of “Game of Thrones” do. John Dee’s mother bestowed upon him the name Ethel Cripps when he was a child.

The Sandman principal is an essential piece of the puzzle that will solve in the later chapters of the story that are yet to come. These chapters are still in the future. Even though I found the episode enjoyable while I was watching it, I can’t say that I was left with a significant impression as a result of it as a whole after I’d finished watching it. The development of the characters and the progression of the general narrative were the two aspects of the book that required the most meticulous attention to detail when the author was writing the novel.


In the second episode of “The Sandman,” Dream ventures out again into the realm to collect his goods, which have been dispersed in various locations. This is the first time we are presented with aspects of the primary purpose of “The Sandman,” which is to demonstrate “The Sandman” to us. As a direct consequence of this, the program now advances at a pace that is somewhat quicker than before.

To this point, the adaptation has been relatively accurately copied, and the great vision, in particular the visuals of the dreams and nightmares, is functioning exceptionally well to appropriately show off the magnificent visual effects included in this specific version of the story.

However, the fact that Neil Gaiman has advised quite a lot of the plot and narrative beats on this program is promising for the future of the show. It is not possible to tell at this stage whether or not The Sandman will continue to be faithful to the graphic novels by Neil Gaiman.

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