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VP, ForbesLive, Susan Kessler Salary & Net worth as of 2023

Susan Kessler’s salary, as of 2023, is 190,000 USD as VP, ForbesLive of Forbes. As of 2023, Susan has worked 3 years in Forbes as VP, ForbesLive, and has 8 years of journey in the Forbes group. Before becoming a VP, ForbesLive, she held Senior Director of Events and Senior Event Manager positions at Forbes. Susan Kessler also has 17 years of experience as a Logistics Specialist, Project Manager, and Senior Event Specialist. Stay with the entire article to find out more about Susan Kessler

Full name Susan Kessler
Birthday N/A
Age (As of 2023)N/A
Nationality American
Husband NameN/A
Susan Kessler’s net worth as of 2023N/A
Other company worksLogistics Specialist, Project Manager, and Senior Event Specialist
Susan Kessler’s LinkedIn LinkedIn
Susan Kessler’s Twitter N/A
Shares Susan Kessler owns from N/A
Susan Kessler’s experience in ForbesVP, ForbesLive, Senior Director of Events and Senior Event Manager

Susan Kessler’s net worth 

As of 2023, Susan Kessler’s net worth is still secret.

Academic qualifications of Susan Kessler

Year Qualification University 
Bachelor of Science – BS, Textile ScienceFashion Institute of Technology

Awards Susan Kessler won

2019 #BizBash1000 award


Susan Kessler is one of the respected and grateful characters of the Forbes group, and she takes a Forbes to success with her. With the best of luck for Susan’s future, we are waiting to bring her victories to you.

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