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Love on the Spectrum’s Subodh Garg: Net Worth, Biography, and Breakup News

If you are a fan of “Love on the Spectrum,” Subodh Garg is not a stranger to you. Love on the Spectrum, which features the autistic audience, especially autistic singles, navigates around finding their ideal match. The star of the show, Subodh, was indeed an Indian American gentleman who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Despite his disabilities, Subodh reportedly has over 500,000 USD as his net worth.

Subodh luckily found a partner for his match during the show, Rachel Osterbach. However, though they were supposed to go down the same path together, at the end of 2022, they confirmed that they were no longer together. 

If you look forward to learning more about Subodh Garg, keep reading the entire article. 

Subodh Garg Diagnosis 

Subodh Garg was diagnosed with autism when he was just 2 and a half years old. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is merely a developmental disability. Certain differences in the brain mainly cause it. It is supposed to be a lifelong developmental disability, and it also affects the diagnosed ones in how they interact with the world. Accordingly, Subodh has lived his autistic life as a single person for over 31 years. 

Why did Subodh Gard and Rachel break up? 

Thanks to the Love on the Spectrum show, Subodh found his perfect match in Rachel Osterbach. Rachel was a featured star in the reality series “Born This Way.” After sharing a couple of dates with Rachel, Subodh asked Rachel to be his partner. When Subodh met Rachel through the show, he said, “I have never dated in 33 years,” which was quite heartwarming.

Subodh has told his viewers that he is looking for a long-term partner with whom to travel the world. Both Subodh and Rachel were dating at the start of the Netflix series. However, in November 2022, Subodh’s parents declared Subodh and Rachel were no longer a couple. 

After the season by Love of Spectrum, their parents stated, “We might want to share that Subodh and Rachel are at this point not altogether. They will remain companions going ahead.” 

Subodh Garg’s net worth 

Subodh Garg reportedly has over 500,000 USD as his net worth. According to his LinkedIn, his main income source is as an accountant assistant, a data entry clerk, and a full-time student at SMC and Insight examination. Insight Examination Services is like Subodh’s family business; his sister also works for the same company. 

He also gains an income from Moreover, Subodh is a part-time package handler at a UPS store and a data mining and conversation analyst at Insight Exams. Accordingly, apart from being an actor and a social media figure, these are basic professions of Subodh. 

Subodh Garg’s role in Love on the Spectrum 

Love on the Spectrum is a show that features autistic individuals searching for Love. Subodh is one of the many candidates who got selected for the show after several interviews. The majority of the individuals on this Spectrum struggle with a lack of social skills and social cues, which makes them unable to find companionship. 

The show was a reincarnated version of an Australian reality Netflix series staged back in America with a new narrator, Kelly Jones, and an autism expert, Jennifer Cook. Subodh was the only Indian-American selected for the show, and he came along very well, finding his match in Rachel. 

Subodh was featured in the first season of America’s Love on the Spectrum, and his acts and statements went viral out of sympathy. “I like her so much,” “I have never dated anyone in 33 years,” and “one of my dreams is to meet somebody” are some of his viral statements. His main role in this show was to choose a match, and he succeeded in it, but it lasted only a short time.  

Biography and early life

Subodh was born on December 14, 1982, to Sunil Kumar Garg and Anju Garg. Sunil Kumar, Subodh’s father, is a businessman and a diasporic Indian. Anju Garg’s mother was the CFO at Insight Examination Services, which reportedly is their family business. He has a sibling named Aarti Garg, who works as a senior field examiner for Insight Examination Services. 

They are originally from Delhi, India, but they are currently based in Cerritos, California. The Garg family became famous as Indian-Americans thankful to Subodh due to the Love on the Spectrum show. Subodh had difficulty dealing with this single life since he approached a certain significant age, and this Netflix show with experience came to his rescue. 

Social media 

Subodh is a pretty open character on social media, with thousands of followers on his Instagram and Facebook platforms. As of 2023, he has over 48K followers on Instagram and over 1K on Facebook. Moreover, he has over 34K followers on TikTok. However, he is not a YouTube personality since his fame grew with the Netflix series. 


Accordingly, it is quite visible from Subodh’s character that nothing is “disabled” and that a person is sound in his personality. He is definitely the star of Love on the Spectrum, for finding his match and choosing to continue a friendship, despite trying to be in the same pit. By gaining his own source of income, Subodh proves that he has a special-able personality. 


Did Subodh find Love?

Subodh Garg was able to find a partner for his match from the Love on the Spectrum show, by the end of the show, namely Rachel Osterbach.

Who is the Indian guy from Love on the Spectrum?

The Indian guy from Love on the Spectrum is Subodh Garg(34).

ow old is the Indian guy from Love on the Spectrum?

Subodh Garg is 34 years old as of 2023.

What disability does Subodh have in Love on the Spectrum?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

What disability does Rachel have in Love on the Spectrum?

Rachel from SpectrumDown Syndrome. 

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