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The Sandman episode 3(Dream a Little Dream Of Me); Full episode

Overview of tv series

We meet the cast in this episode, Johanna, and learn about the Astra phenomenon in its entirety. The plot becomes disturbing, as do most stories, but Constantine seems to be given a bit more humanity in this one. Tragically, she lost an arm like that, and the continuity makes you question whether it means she’ll get it back. Here are third episode of The sandman

It’s too dangerous to leave the bag with a human, or at the very least, Johanna probably had some magical protection. Johanna felt compelled to explain that you can’t assume the worst of everyone just because you’ve had a bad experience with one person and that not everyone is like Roderick Burgess.

 He probably butchered her; it must be the Corinthian because he discovered the sand before Sandman and used it against Rachel. This helps him to see that there is more to people than he previously believed.


What happened in The Sandman 3rd episode?

In the third episode, Ethel and John continue their chat about the ruby. And one of the things that occur during this conversation. Are that John comments on how strange it is that she is bringing up this topic now because she never used to speak about it in the previous episodes of the program? Whereas only John has this information, she hides it and tells them that the Sandman has returned to get it. That only John would know where to find it, according to her.

 She also gives the impression that the Sandman will go looking for it. There’s friction because of this between them. And it is at this time that the boy tells his mother who his biological father is.

Upon first seeing his mother, John tells her he must have the ruby to safeguard her, but she dispels his fears and gives him a protective amulet instead. John introduces himself to his mom by saying he has to get the ruby for her safety. John tells his mom he needs the ruby so he can defend her when they first meet.

The mother of John never took any chances with her son’s safety. She was always wary. However, the moment she switches it on, her body starts to age, and a few minutes later, she is gone. The aging process begins as soon as she turns it on within her body. When a security guard comes, his first assumption is that Jon is to blame for whatever happened to the woman. However, just before the guard fires at Jon, Jon activates the amulet of protection, and the guard and the rest of the security staff disappear.

To coerce Joanna into performing an exorcism for a very high amount in return for officiating the wedding of the princess and the football player, she poses as the priest who would perform the ceremony. She hopes that Joanna will agree to help her out with this plan. During the ritual, she realizes that the athlete, not the princess, is the one who is possessed and has to have the demon exorcised. Finally, she realizes that it is not the princess who has to have the demon exorcised. Lucian entrusted the Sandman with assisting Morpheus in his escape from a difficult situation. The Sandman turns his head to the left as if being watched by a raven. 

 Even though he did not bring the bird with him, the Sandman walks up to the raven and says, “All right, what is your name?” in response to the bird’s question. Evidence suggests that ravens are pretty proficient in English.

To help Joanna have a good night’s sleep, the ancient Greek god of dreams, Morpheus, has been summoned. Joanna needs this to have a good night’s sleep. Doing this is an attempt to help Joanna get some shut-eye. Once Joanna eventually breaks out of her nightmare, Morpheus will be there to welcome her back. Telling her, it’s integral to his identity begs the question of how he lost it in the first place. It was an urban legend she heard about as a child that the famed Roderick Burgess had the Devil Himself imprisoned in his basement. Her parents taught her this so that she may know it. Because of this, she finally figures out that the person in front of her the entire time was Roderick Burgess.

Joanna asks Matthew to keep a close eye on her ex-lover, now her boyfriend, just before she leaves. With a whisper, Morpheus tells her, “By the way, that dream or nightmare you suffer with daily, you are not going to have to struggle with it anymore.” This occurs while she is otherwise unable to be aware of it. Dream All Right tells Matthew they would visit Hell first to satiate his interest in the following location when Matthew asks about it.

The difference between comic and tv series

Rachel gets her hands on the pouch in an unusual way. The comic shows that she is a drug addict who often robs Constantine. She takes the sand and is consumed by its power, but it is not Constantine’s fault. A fascinating aspect of the program is how it blurs these boundaries. Johanna would still bear some responsibility for Rachel’s death even if she had been unaware of the sand’s deadly potential. I can see why that would give her the creeps.

Matthew (portrayed by Patton Oswalt) initially appears in the comics in issue #11 of The Sandman. He’ll be featured prominently in the next episode.

John and Ethel’s relationship is expanded upon, and it’s great to see him mature as a person and come to terms with his family history. Joely Richardson and David Thewlis perform excellently as the unusual mother and son.

The Corinthian has now appeared for the third episode in a row to exert influence. Yes, this time, it’s via the presentation of outerwear to John.

Conclusion of The Sandman

“The Sandman” is still a great show to watch, but I don’t understand why Johanna was cast instead of John Constantine. Johanna appears in a separate narrative that takes place in a different period. Huge portions of this episode are devoted to pointless subplots that have nothing to do with the show’s primary storyline.

We were previously aware of this occurrence, which The Three had forecasted would occur in the future. Since we are now focusing on Hell, it will be exciting to find out whether or not any other shifts are coming up shortly.

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