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Son of Tylor Hawkins | Oliver Shane Hawkins Age, Net Worth, and Biography

17 years old Oliver Shane Hawkins, son of Taylor Hawkins was born on August 04th, 2006. Oliver is also a drummer like his father and is now playing for the rock band, “Ted Ed Fred“. Oliver was born to well-known Drummer Taylor Hawkins and his wife, Alison Hawkins.

After Tylor Hawkins’s tragic death his son, Shane Hawkins rose to fame from Foo Fighter‘s “My Hero” all-star tribute concert. After the concert, Shane received the 2022 Drumeo Award For Performance of the Year. Here is the life story and some facts about upcoming star Oliver Shane Hawkins.

NameOliver Shane Hawkins
Age 17 years old (as of 2023)
Birthday04th of August 2006
ParentsFather: Oliver Taylor Hawkins 
Mother: Alison Hawkins
SiblingsAnnabelle Hawkins
Everleigh Hawkins
ResidenceSeattle, Washington, United States 
Occupation Musician (Basically the drummer for the rock band Ted Ed Fred)
Nationality  American 
Viral PerformanceDuring a tribute concert for Taylor Hawkins in London, 
Married or unmarriedUnmarried
Net worth Nearly 1 million USD  
Social linksInstagram 

Oliver Shane Hawkins’ Age, Bio, and Life Story

Shane Hawkins was born on the 4th of August 2016 in Seattle, Washington, United States. Shane is 17 years old and also he is American in nationality. Shane Hawkins is the only son of Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins. Additionally, he has two siblings named Annabelle Hawkins and Eveleigh Hawkins.

Shane Hawkins often collaborated with other bands in his young music career, especially with his dad. Shane often performed with Taylor’s 1970s band Chevy Metal and most of the time with the Foo Fighters. Being a professional artist at such a young age, Shane portrays how determined and focused he is on his career to become like his father. On March 25th, 2022, Shane’s father, Taylor, passed away suddenly at the age of 50.

Oliver Shane Hawkins performers

Oliver Shane Hawkins’s Parents

Oliver Shane Hawkins’s mother is Alison Hawkins and his father is a well-known drummer Tylor Hwakins. Tylor was tragically found dead in a Hotel room on 22 March 2022.

Shane Hawkins’s Net worth 

Shane Hawkins hasn’t accurately shared his wealth or earnings. However, according to online sources, on average Oliver Shane Hawkins has an estimated net worth of 1 million USD.

How Oliver Shane Hawkins became famous? 

Sadly Taylor Hawkins passed away on the 25th of March 2022 for an unknown reason, leaving his passion in his son’s hands.

On the 04th of September 2022, Oliver Shane Hawkins, Taylor’s 16-year-old son played a devastating tribute to his father. He literally honored his father with an extravagant performance of the Foo Fighter’s anthem, ‘My Hero’.  The audience was quite mesmerized since Shane Hawkins was a complete resemblance to his father. This tribute concert was a major core point for Shane Hawkins’s fame other than being Taylor’s son.  

Shane Hawkins’s Music Life 

Shane Hawkins plays for the rock band “Ted Ed Fred“. Other than “Ted Ed Fred”, Shane Hawkins has collaborated with many famous rock music bands including Foo Fighters. The most recent mind-blowing event is a tribute to his father Taylor. It was also a collaboration with Foo Fighters. Accordingly, Shane has performed in many shows and concerts. However, Shane Hawkins’s past music life is not profoundly shared on social media or the internet. 


Who is Oliver Shane Hawkins’s mother?

Oliver Shane Hawkins’s mother is Alison Hawkins.

What is Oliver Shane Hawkins’s age?

Oliver Shane Hawkins was born on the 04th of August 2006 and is currently 17 years old.

What is Oliver Shane Hawkins’s Instagram?


Is Shane Hawkins in a band?

Yes, Oliver Shane Hawkins is playing for Ted Ed Fred.

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