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Mae Stephens | Breakeup singer (networth, age, wiki)

Have you ever heard the music “If you ever breakup, I never be sad” in tiktok the last few weeks? Sure, you should have. This music is chores part of “breakup” by Mae Stephens. Still, this song is not yet released, but as for her Instagram reels, it will release on 10th February. This small update is not about the song but about the songwriter and upcoming star Mae Stephens.

19 years old Mae Stephens is a songwriter and singer who came out from tiktok. As of February 2023, She has 248.4K followers on tiktok, 106k followers on Instagram and 4.86k subscribers on youtube.

Name Mae Stephens aka maestephens_
Age 19 years old
Birthday23rd march 2003
Mae Stephens’s Net worthUnknown
Nationality American 
Relationship Single as of 2023
Height5 feet 6 inch

Mae Stephens’s songs

Mirrors 2022

Mae Stephens wrote mirrors, and as her social media, that was written for her parents’ love. 

Breakup 2023

This is Mae Stephens’s upcoming song, and according to her so social media, she wrote written for this her ex-boyfriend. 


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