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How to Use a Portable Generator

Do you have a portable generator? Guess you’ve purchased one due to power surges. This machine comes in handy, especially when there’s an interruption to the power grid and you need to power your devices. While you own one, do you know how to use a portable generator? Do you know how to start or turn it off? Here’s a guide to using a generator. This article explores the steps to supply power to your home during a power outage.

Tips on how to use a portable generator

Read the generator instructions: For a newbie or someone who’s not used a generator before, it’s advised they read the manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully study the manual to understand how to operate the generator.

Place generator in a well-ventilated area: Due to the noise and fumes emitted by generators, it’s ideal that these machines are placed outside. Using a portable generator indoors is quite dangerous to health as it emits carbon monoxide, which can affect the lungs.

Check the fuel and oil levels: Ensure the fuel gauge of your generator is at the optimal level before starting it. For further information about fuel and oil recommendations, check the guide to using a generator.

Turn the circuit breaker off: A switch controls the power of most generators. Check that the circuit breaker is off before switching on the generator.

Switch on the fuel valve: The fuel valve controls the amount of fuel supplied to the engine. Only turn on the fuel valve when ready to use the generator.

Start the generator: Considering the types of generators on the market, it’s best to adhere to generator instructions when operating it. Before flipping the circuit breaker on, allow the machine to warm up for a few minutes. Regarding the time required to warm up, consider checking the guide to using a generator.

Connect your devices: Some generators feature power outlets to connect your electronic devices directly. Ensure you connect these devices one by one, so you don’t overload your machine.

Turn off the generator: After using a portable generator, disconnect the appliances connected to it. To switch off the generator, flip the circuit breaker to OFF and power down the generator using the key or power switch. You can refer to the generator instructions on how to switch off the machine.

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