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The Ultimate Guide: How to create Instagram ads without a Facebook page

It is now possible to make Instagram advertisements without an account on Facebook. If you’re boosting the content of the Instagram commercial account first, then you do not need to join an existing Meta advertisement Account or Facebook Page.

You aren’t able to join to connect your Instagram account with an advertising account. You’ll be also able to control your ad campaign and track the performance of your ads on Instagram. It’s not necessary to manage your Instagram ads through Meta Ads Manager.

How do I create Instagram ads without Facebook?

People who aren’t yet joined Facebook can’t be able to connect Instagram adverts to Facebook. To create Instagram ads without having a Facebook account or Business Manager account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your profile

Go to your Instagram account and select the post you wish to advertise in the first step.

Step 2: Tap the article you’d like to advertise

The Promote option is only available to users who have an account for professionals. If you do not notice “Promote” in the menu, click it “promote” button, and switch from a personal account to an account for business.

Step 3. Tap the article you’d like to advertise

The goal is the page on which your advertisement will lead visitors. You have three options to choose from:

  • Your Instagram profile
  • Your site (you must include the URL)
  • Direct Messages (on Instagram)

Step 4: Select a target audience

You can choose to target users that are like your followers or build your audience by selecting the location of your audience as well as their interests and even their age.

Input all the information about your promotional by setting things such as “Destination” (where to send the people.

  • “Audience” (who do you wish to be able to),
  • “Budget” (how you’d like to allocate each day)
  • “Duration” (how you would like your promotion to last)

Click ‘Next‘ after you’ve completed the required information.

Step 5: Input your preferred payment method

Select your country (this will determine which currency you’ll get charged) and the payment method. If you choose the latter, you can choose between debit, credit, or PayPal.

Step 6: To complete your promotion, click “Create Promotion under Review.’

After this procedure is completed, the campaign will be scrutinized under a Facebook policy on ads and then begin running once it has been accepted.

Basic Information

Instagram states that the feature will be only accessible to newly-created Instagram advertisers from Turkey, the US, and Turkey at the moment.

Facebook has been trying to make sure that business Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked and that all promotions are conducted on a central platform.

Once you’ve hit the Boost post button, the ad will be reviewed to ensure that it is in line with our advertising policies. Ads are usually reviewed in 60 minutes, however, in some cases, the process of reviewing may be longer. The ad will be launched after it has been examined and accepted.

How to promote an Instagram post without a Facebook ad account connection?

Beginning today, you can easily create advertisements for your posts on Instagram and promote your posts without having a Facebook account. To manage your promotions and view the analytics and data, you have to go to the Instagram app. From there, you can easily manage your campaigns.

Use the following steps to make your Instagram post without having a Facebook ad:

  1. Log into your profile.
  2. Select the post you’d like to make a promotion of.
  3. Below is the image of the post Click to promote the post.
  4. Input specifics of the promotional campaign by setting things such as the destination (where to deliver people) as well as the audience (with who you’d like to connect) as well, the Budget (how much you’d like to investdaily) and the duration (how you’d like the promotion to last).
  5. Afteryou’ve filled in these steps. To finish your promotion; to complete your promotion, tap Create Promotion under Review.
  6. Once you’ve hit Create Promotion; your promotion will be evaluated to ensure that it is compliant with advertising policies. Promotions are generally reviewed in 60 minutes; however, the review process might be longer in certain instances.
  7. The promotion will start running once it has been reviewed and approved.


You’ve know learn how to make your own Instagram Ad using Facebook Ads Manager. It is now possible to create Instagram ads without having a Facebook login or Facebook Business Manager account. Before users could only create ads, manage campaigns and monitor performance using Business Manager. In the future, users will be able to manage all of this from Instagram, making the life of this advertising agency.

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