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Here are the 5 most viral moments of Sadgirlshan (some quick facts)

Meet Sadgirlshan: The 20-year-old TikToker who has become famous for lifestyle Vlogs and funny videos. Lam‘s Chaotic voiceovers and witty humor in her lifestyle made her an absolute hit on TikTok in recent months. Get to know the TikTok star here.

Name Shan Lam
Age 20
BirthdayAugust 23, 2002
Shan Lam’s Net worth100,000 USD 
Nationality Canadian
Relationship In a relationship
Content typeLifestyle vlogs 
Joined date2019/11/04

Shan Lam’s 5 Most viral TikTok videos

Her lifestyle in a hotel room

@shrekschool Add me on ig to see the behind the scenes weeks in advance!! ig: @sadgirlshan #dayinmylife #dailyvlog #college #mydiy ♬ original sound – officialmyramusic

Anniversary day out

@shrekschool Not sponsored!! I just love woodvale florals 🥳 link in bio #dayinmylife #dailyvlog #staycation #thankstoher ♬ future red velvet – LA Content Hub | SocialHub

Day in the life of a depressed student 

@shrekschool bf? nah more like chauffeur bc all I do is use him 🙄💅🏼 #dailyinmylife #dailyvlog #sims4 ♬ Skate – Trees and Lucy

Living with a nerdy guy

@shrekschool I almost didn’t give him my number lmao #RelationshipStorytime #couplethings #wheredidigowrong ♬ How to Save a Life – The Fray

Reply video about sleeping schedule

@shrekschool #stitch with @kirkster2001 ♬ original sound – ☹️ sad girl shan ☹️

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