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Here are the 5 most viral moments of Reid Tsingos (some quick facts)

Meet Reid Tsingos: TikToker who has become famous as an OSU gamer. Tsingo‘s creativity and his gaming speed made him an absolute hit on TikTok in recent months. Get to know the TikTok star here.

Name Reid Tsingos
Age N/A
Reid Tsingos’s Net worth250,000 USD
Nationality Canadian
Relationship Single
Content typeGame Streaming
Joined dateN/A

Reid Tsingos’s 5 Most viral tiktok videos 

Duat if u can beat graphic designer


♬ Freedom Dive – XI

Me just trying to get 727

@reidosu WYDSI #727 #osu #osugame ♬ Blue Zenith – XI

OSU becoming canny

@reidosu osu becoming canny #osu #osugame ♬ original sound – reid osu! / RGoldenn

Rush E proper

@reidosu Reply to @leelandiscool original idea from @grizzlypng #osu #osugame ♬ original sound – reid osu! / RGoldenn

Bazos i swear

@reidosu Bozos i swear #osu #osugame ♬ original sound – reid osu! / RGoldenn

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