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23 Ideas for Front Door Colors for a Red Brick House

Front door designs play an important role in building the overall impression of your house because any person who comes across your house interacts first with the front door. Front door colors decorations are to be done delicately according to the overall look of your house.

The design and size of the home, the surrounding land, architecture, and personal choice all play a role in selecting exterior color combinations. On the other hand, the front door color is the finishing step for any exterior color plan. Some front door ideas for red brick houses are discussed here:


Beige is a great option if you like the look of lighter colors but aren’t ready to go completely white and don’t want to use colors. Your red brick house will appear simple and sophisticated with this delicate off-white tone.

These tones will explode against the creamy background of this front door if your bricks are lighter and have gentle tints mixed in. Generally, you can have this color on your front door with your red brick house’s dark and light shades.

The creamy shade provides an elegant look to your house. If you want a combination of dark background with light color, then the front gate of beige will be ideal for you.

Dark Grey

Dark grey is a color that provides a great look, but it does not draw too much attention. So, if you want a front door that goes with the looks of the exterior of your house but does not draw all the attention, then grey is the best color for you.

With a dark grey front door, your house will have a distinct look, and your door will not diminish the look of the exterior of your house. Putting bright-colored flowers in a pot will help the grey front door stand out and provide a pleasant contrast. Generally, you should opt for dark grey colored doors if you have lighter red brick walls.


Because red brick homes naturally have brown tones, a basic brown door works beautifully. You may use brown doors to shine out or merge in, giving you a lot of creative versatility. Classic brown gates are greatly used in houses with red bricks.

Adding small flower pots to the outside here also enhances the looks of the exterior. As the classic brown color is darker, it is better to use it only if your bricks are light red. This compatibility issue is because a dark red color does not go well with a dark brown color. You can get a great classic look at your house if you use these front doors.

Mellow Yellow Color

This cheerfully welcoming, soft yellow door greets visitors. The yellow door stands out against the grey façade. When you pick a yellow door, you signal visitors and passers-by that you have a vibrant decorating style. You may add matching plants, a mat, and a wreath to your yellow door.

Yellow color is often used with red colors to provide a great contrast. In the houses formed by red bricks, you will greatly find the use of a yellow front gate. As the yellow gate is lighter than red bricks, you can get a great combination of light doors and dark backgrounds.

Purple Door

Purple is a bold and beautiful color choice. It is a rich color that draws attention to your front door and adds an appealing visual element to your property. You can find purple color front doors on numerous red brick houses. The purple color goes great with red bricks.

The purple color has a reddish tinge, giving it a warm appearance. Pick a good door with beautiful architectural characteristics to make your property stand out. For the season, plant some flowers that contrast. Just keep in mind the shade of both the walls and the door. And form a contrast of light and dark with one being lighter and the other being darker.

Burnt Orange

An orange-colored front door has an identical emotional impact as yellow, and it is known to attract attention and elicit euphoria. An orange front door might demonstrate the enthusiasm within your home if you enjoy organizing family dinners or sports get-togethers.

Because orange is comparable to the red brick on your house, experiment with several colors to determine which one stands out the most. After trying some shades, you can find the ideal orange shade for your brick house.

Ideally, a darker shade of brick house will give out a great look with a lighter orange front door. A lighter orange with a darker red brick house is favored and used widely in red brick houses.


Try a golden door if you want to highlight your house. It has a golden hue to it but isn’t overpowering. A golden color provides a perfect contrast of light and dark when used with red bricks. Golden colored door will glow up the exterior of your house and provide a great elegant look.

A lot of people use golden front doors with red brick houses. Golden-colored front doors are bright but not overly bright to destroy the exterior looks. If you do not want a bright yellow color on your front door, you can get the golden color as it will provide approximately the same shade as a yellow color but not too bright.

Turquoise blue

Turquoise blue is a striking hue for a front entrance. The color scheme transports you to the beach. It’s distinctive without being intrusive. Contrasting flowers bring out the beauty of turquoise blue in fall hues. The thick vegetation surrounding the entryway adds to the home’s natural appeal.

One can see most dark red-colored brick houses with turquoise-colored doors because these colors provide a unique overall exterior look to your house. A turquoise shade on the front door can be a great choice if you want a distinctive look. Turquoise is light-colored, so it goes better with a dark background.

Modern White Door with Plants

This delicate grayish-white door is subtle and traditional. The door is finished with brushed metal fittings for a classic appeal. This simple background would look great with decorations from any season. Use beautiful potted flowers along both sides of the door to complete the look.

White is a great color because you can easily combine it with any shade. Dark red bricks and white color front door form a great contrast. White doors provide a bright and attractive look hence enhancing the overall appeal of the exterior. White color can get dirty quickly, so you have to take a lot of care.


Most people believe that a red-colored front door will never match a red brick home. However, if you carefully match red tones against red brick, make sure it’s not an exact match. Otherwise, it’ll seem muddy.
Adding contrasting off-white trim or maybe even repainting the windows sill an identical shade of red might help create a coherent design that isn’t too matchy-matchy. A red-colored door with a different shade than your brick wall will be a great choice.


Peach is a lovely color for your red brick house’s front entrance. To produce an attractive Ombre effect, combine this warm color with various tones like pinks, reds, and oranges. This shade can have a southwestern feel, bringing warmth and coziness while maintaining a gentle and friendly atmosphere.

The peach color is a light shade, and it serves a great look when paired with red brick walls. A peach color door is great for distinct looks, but you have to take a lot of care because it can get dirty quickly.

Olive Green with Red Brick

When choosing front door colors, think about olive green. It is a soothing, neutral shade that complements many exterior paint colors. This house has an attractive combination of shingles and painted gray bricks.

The door has brass numbers, hardware, and a kick plate. Olive green is a great choice because it complements the natural greenery on the doorstep. Also, the olive green color is darker in shades, so you can use it with light shaded red brick walls. Also, decoration with plants complements the look of your house.

Mint Green

When it’s on your door, minty green is a soothing hue that stands out. Using this shade will give your area a boost of energy. Mint green is a light shade of green color. Green color, especially if lighter in the shade, is considered a complement to red color.

So, if you have a red brick house, a green mint-colored door can be a great choice for you. But you have to be careful because a light red brick shade of wall might not look as good with this door’s color. So, first, test out if the shade goes well with your background.

Dark Blue

Another dramatic yet elegant color option is dark blue or navy. Red and blue are common shades that may look patriotic depending on where you reside. Blue shades can be seen in different places in combination with red color.

So, if your house is made of red bricks, a dark blue colored front door can be a great combination. A dark blue color forms a great combination with a light red brick wall. So, you can choose a dark blue door depending on your preferences.

Eggshell Green

This lovely hue of eggshell green conjures up thoughts of spring and new growth. This color’s brightness is ideal for sunny terraces and charming rocking rockers. It’s a hue that evokes a sense of harmony, energizing both you and your visitors.

Certain colors of red will complement this shade of green nicer than others, so try a few different combinations against your home’s color scheme. If you find the perfect shade of green for your brick red color walls, this shade will establish an unmatched look.


Black is both neutral and strong, making it an excellent choice for your red brick house’s front door since it adds drama without the use of vivid colors. It is a great choice if you prefer darker hues and want to set an atmosphere.

With a black arrangement or a welcoming mat with attitude, you can amplify the great look of your house. The only downfall to this shade is that the black shade catches a lot of dirt, so you need to take care of the cleanliness of your door a lot.


A white-colored front door is a timeless style that will never go out of style. If you don’t like to experiment with color schemes, the dramatic contrast of white against a red brick house is a sensible choice.

The clean and ordered appearance of the white hue makes a statement. You can paint the borders with different colors to make a distinct look. The white color catches a lot of stains, so you need to take care of its cleanliness.


A rustic style, varied shades owing to damage, and something to talk about with guests as you meet them on the porch are all advantages of an antique door. Antique doors are greatly loved by homeowners when it comes to the exterior looks of buildings. Antique doors also go well with red brick houses.

Natural Wood

If you can’t settle on a front door color, go with natural wood matching the brickwork. Wood’s natural browns are unobtrusive and go with practically everything. Natural wood doors can fit in with any colored background.

You can get an elegant and different look at your red-colored brick house by using natural wood doors. Choose a type of wood carefully as the front door is more prone to damage, so you need durable wood with great looks.

Tinted Glass

A door with frosted glass has a pleasant appearance while still being useful. With a bright color door, the dark-tinted glass looks fantastic. You can also use glass doors regardless of the exterior color of your house without compromising the looks of your house.

Frosted glass will provide a great look with any shade of the red brick house. The only drawback of this type of door is the delicate glass used in the doors, which can be expensive to replace.


You may as well go out if you want a brave look. Choose two complementary colors to ensure that your door is the one everyone on your street notices. Two-toned front door colors paints are very rare to see, and if you carefully choose the two colors for your door, you can build an unmatched look with any other combination.

But here, you have to take care of your choice as choosing the wrong color combination without taking into account the background shade of your house can be disastrous.


Try a plum color on your front door colors for a classy yet lively look. Plum has a warm and cold tone, mixed with red and blue tones. When mixed with a dark red brick exterior, these tones outstand any other combination.

This hue would shine in a lush yard full of trees and blossoming green bushes. With plum paint, doors with glass inserts look fabulous, enabling light to stream in and shine gently in the evening. If you want a classic look, plum doors with some plantation decoration are a great choice.


Emerald will be a wonderful statement of extravagance and celebration if your red brick property demands royal treatment. Shades and paint finish have an influence here. A heavy, glittering coat over rich red brick will amaze guests, while softer tones with texture will diminish the brilliance of this hue. The contrast between an emerald front door and brass and gold knobs is striking.

Emerald color is very rare, and it serves as a great look for the exterior of your house. It pairs up greatly with red bricks and provides an elegant look to your house. Emerald doors are very seldom seen, so they are very eye-catching and a perfect choice for front door colors for homeowners.


Front door colors, if chosen carefully, can provide a great elegant look to your house. When choosing a color for the front door, you need to keep in mind the different factors, including the overall look of your house and the location of your house. We have discussed 23 ideas for front door colors for a red brick house in this article to make things easier for you.

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